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I started this website in 1995 as a college project when I was attending Virginia Tech. The purpose of the project was to learn HTML and provide a place on the Internet for people to find information about me. The website was originally hosted as part of my user account at Virginia Tech and when I graduated, I moved the content to the free space provided by my ISP.

After traveling to Italy in 1997 (See Trip to Italy) , I placed photos and a travelogue on the website. From then on the website has continued primarily as a place to describe my travels. In May 2001 after my trip to England and Belgium (See Trip to England and Trip to Belgium), I determined that I did not have enough space at my ISP to expand my website. So I decided to get my own domain and having it hosted somewhere.

I first bought my domain andrewpatton.com from Go Daddy where I still have my domain. In August 2002, I bought andrewpatton.us also at Go Daddy. The first host I used was called WebOutlook, but in October 2001 the owner of that company sold his business to my second host, Hostway. I switched hosts in May 2005 to IX WebHosting., my current host, after determining that I could get a better hosting plan for a lot less money.

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