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International Fragment List
The world has several parts of countries that are detached from the mainland of that country. The general name for these areas is fragments. If a fragment is completely surrounded by one foreign country, it is called an enclave. If it is not completely surrounded by one country, it is called an exclave. Also see List of the Countries in the World
Total Number of International Fragment
37 (25 Enclaves and 12 Exclaves)
Fragment List

Common Name Type Sovereignty Surrounded By Number Notes
Isla Martin Garcia Enclave Argentina Uruguay 1
Isla Apipe Enclave Argentine Paraguay 1
Artchvasen (Bashkend) Enclave Armenia Azerbaijan 1
Barkhudali, Tatly (2), and Yuxari Askipara Enclave Azerbaijan Armenia 4
Kiarki (Tigranashen) Enclave Azerbaijan Armenia 1 Near the fragment of Naxcivan
Cooch Behar Enclave Bangladesh India 92 71 first-order enclaves and 21 second-order enclaves
Baarle-Hertog Enclave Belgium Netherlands 22
Sastavci Enclave Bosnia and Herzegovina Serbia 1
Ormideia, Xlotymbou, and Dekhelia Power Station (2) Enclave Cyprus British Sovereign Base Areas on Cyprus (United Kingdom) 4
Busingen Enclave Germany Switzerland 1
Vennbahn Enclave Germany Belgium 5
Cooch Behar Enclave India Bangladesh 106 102 first-order enclaves, 3 second-order enclaves, and 1 third-order enclave
Campione d'Italia Enclave Italy Switzerland 1
Barak ail (Barak) Enclave Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan 1
Likoma Islands Enclave Malawi Mozambique 2
Baarle-Nassau Enclave Netherlands Belgium 8 1 first-order enclave and 7 second-order enclaves
Madhah Enclave Oman United Arab Emirates 1
San’kovo-Medvezh’e Enclave Russia Belarus 1
Llivia Enclave Spain France 1
Kairagach and Vorukh Enclave Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan 2
Sarvan Enclave Tajikistan Uzbekistan 1
Nahwa Enclave United Arab Emirates Oman 1 Second-order enclave
Dzhangail and Shah-i-Mardan (Shakhimardan) Enclave Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan 2
Kalacha (Chong-Kara) and Sokh Enclave Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan 2
Cabinda Exclave Angola None 1
Argentine Antarctica Exclave Argentina None 1
Naxcivan Exclave Azerbaijan None 1
Dhekelia SBA Exclave British Sovereign Base Areas on Cyprus (United Kingdom) None 1
Temburong Exclave Brunei None 1
Chilean Antarctica Exclave Chile None 1
Dubrovnik-Neretva Exclave Croatia None 1
Musandame Exclave Oman None 1
Kaliningrad Exclave Russia None 1
Ceuta, Melilla, and Penon de Velez Exclave Spain None 3 Spanish Places of Sovereignty also include the islands of Islas Chafarinas and Penon de Alhucemas
Oecussi-Ambeno Exclave Timor-Leste None 1
Alaska Exclave United States of America None 1

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